Chronic back pain occurs in the muscles, nerves, bones, and joints of the back. It can range in location from the neck to the tailbone and may be spread over the area of the entire back or localized to a specific part of the back. Causes and treatments for chronic back pain vary according to the specifics of each individual's condition. Read more about chronic back pain in these Hubs.

EDITOR'S CHOICE20 Herniated or Slipped Disks, Bacteria and Back Painby Linda Crampton (1,108 followers)

Researchers have shown that bacteria are present in some herniated disks. They've also shown that antibiotics can reduce chronic back pain in certain people.

29 Spinal Alignment Devices for Back Pain Reliefby Stacie L (861 followers)

Back pain and spasms can be handled at home with spinal adjustment devices. Many that suffer from occasional pain and aches can use these self help devices when we cannot see the chiropractor.

50 Slipped Disc - Pinched Nerveby Mary Craig (900 followers)

Slipped disc, herniated disc, ruptured disc all mean pretty much the same thing PAIN. I know I had no idea how much pain until it happened to me.

2 Exercises to Reduce Low Back Painby Tran Ngoc Tiep (2 followers)

While in some instances, exercises may eliminate low back pain, it is more frequent that they reduce the pain by strengthening the muscles supporting the spine.

74 Best Way To Help Relieve Back Pain Nell Rose (2,726 followers)

Back pain can be well a real pain! But don't worry, there are various things you can do to alleviate it. Includes exercise, posture and a wonderful new technology called the Backlife Machine.

36 Sciatica - Causes and Treatmentsby Pamela Oglesby (1,663 followers)

Low back pain is very common and many people get sciatica during their lifetime. There are several treatmentsm such as medicaiton, physical therapy, corticosteroid injections and surgery.

0 How to deal with chronic back painby Arthur Dellea (91 followers)

Having an aching back isn't just a painful experience, it can also cause all other kinds of issues that can make your life miserable.

0 Treating Low Back Painby ian 12am (6 followers)

To diagnose the condition, the doctor will ask several questions. These will be aimed at establishing the underlying cause and therefore develop a treatment plan.

23 Back Pain - Muscle Spasmsby Sweetsusieg (1,621 followers)

I have believed for many years now that the back pain that some suffer is from a virus, yes I said it a virus. Now before you jump to the end and yell at me, let me explain.

A Virus is something that lives within...

0 Sports and Chronic Painby Kelsey Elise Farrell (12 followers)

Exploring the Top Four Sport Related Injuries to the Lower Back

12 Living with My Chronic Lower Back Painby Kyriana (97 followers)

Millions of Americans are plagued with lower back pain and continuously look for back pain relief. It's hard to live with something that limits your movements and abilities. The term Degenerative Disc Disease can be...

5 Back Pain? You Need to Know This!by Michael (2 followers)

Back problems such as pain, spasm, and limited range of motion are sometimes just a symptom of more complex issues involving different muscles groups. Tight calves affect the hamstrings which in turn affect the glutes...

0 Coccyx Pain - Simple Ways To Escape The Back Pain Savvy (3 followers)

Coccyx pain, referred to in medical terms as coccydynia, is a condition in which pain is experienced in the coccyx. The coccyx or the tailbone area is found at the end of the vertebral column, it is usually made up of...

3 Having A Back Spasm? Rush To A Physiotherapistby physiotherapycare

Backache is arguably the most recurring health issues for men and women across the globe. Altering lifestyles, stress factor at work , bad sitting posture, lack of exercises all lead to back spasms.

12 Reducing Chronic Pain, Without The Pain Pillsby James Bowden (248 followers)

Many individuals turn to prescription analgesics, or pain killers to help them cope with their back, or other chronic pain conditions. In this article non-addicting pain therapies will be discussed.

1 Does Spinal Decompression Machine Work?by mekoshark (38 followers)

Spinal decompression machine is a non-surgical way to alleviate some

ailments, for example herniated disc that can cause chronic back pains or neck

pains. Actually, back pains or neck pains are very common among people...

0 Avoid Coccyx Pain. Try These Back Pain Savvy (3 followers)

Coccydinia or coccyx pain or pain in the tailbone is a big problem for many suffering patients. This condition creates real discomfort and can even be debilitating at its worse.

Most often, patients with coccyx pain...

3 Recommendation for 10 Years Of Neck Arc 4 Life (11 followers)

Chronic neck pain can affect your work, family life, and all activities of your daily life. A Decade Is a Long Time - here are some recommendations for dealing with this stubborn pain.

6 Lower Back Painby Shadrack2 (74 followers)

Lower back pain is a common problem especially among adults. It manifests as a sharp sensation or a dull constant ache. It may be caused by lifting heavy things, accidents or age-related complications