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Chiropractic massage is an alternative therapy involving both scientific and holistic medicine through a focus on nervous system and musculoskeletal health along with physical adjustments of the spine. With the use of deep tissue massage, greater relaxation can occur, which allows the chiropractor to better adjust dysfunctions and subluxations, or partial dislocations, of spinal joints.

The chiropractor's focus is on the symbiotic relationship between the spine, ligaments, joints and muscles, including environmental and emotional factors that affect health. Many chiropractors believe there is a strong, symbiotic link between physical health and the body's structural alignment, and they point to a correlation between spinal alignment and conditions such as migraines, allergies, and back pain. Used in conjunction with spinal adjustments, chiropractic massage seeks to relieve tension and cramping in muscles that leads to or aggravates those conditions.

Numerous benefits of chiropractic massage exist. Not only does it help relax you, but there are also benefits such as stress relief and improved circulation from specialized and focused chiropractic massage. The benefits are mental and emotional as well as physical, offering both body and mind release from pain and pressure.

In the chiropractic field, massage is a tool used to prevent muscle spasms and cramping that might result from strenuous adjustments. In addition, a relaxed body during the session will not suffer as much soreness during and after the session as will a tense one. Many chiropractors either employ massage therapists or are massage therapists themselves. A great number of chiropractors offer massage along with physical adjustments and other forms of therapy, knowing that a massage given prior to the chiropractic session helps prepare your body. A post-session massage supports the chiropractor's adjustments, and helps you relax.

Though you may be glad to visit your chiropractor, the anticipation of manual realignment may create nervousness. Massage prior to the session helps you handle any anxiety about the session to come. Increasing relaxation before the procedure has a number of chiropractic benefits. A relaxed body is easier for your chiropractor to manipulate, allowing your session to be more effective. Massage can reduce blood pressure, which also helps your session be more effectual. After the realignment, massage removes any residual tension from the manipulation. Additionally, stress or tension could intensify any discomfort caused from spinal misalignment. Regular massage may be proactive in dealing with this potential discomfort or pain.

In chiropractic massage, chiropractors concentrate on the core support muscles of your back and torso, seeking to loosen muscles and release tension. Another aim of the massage is to increase lymph flow, which aids the body in metabolic waste elimination. The benefit of this is enhanced immune system function. Many patients also tell of improved sleep patterns and mental acuity with regular massage treatment.

Often, the tenseness of muscles contributes to poor alignment. Since muscles pull on the bones, this can lead to joint displacement or ligament strain that causes discomfort and pain. This is especially true of the spine. If your muscles are still tight and pulling on your bones, your spine will not stay readjusted for long. Chiropractic massage can remedy this unfortunate situation; manipulating muscles and soft connective tissues helps unlock them. Loosened muscles will pull less on your bones, resulting in less structural displacement and discomfort. The adjustments that the chiropractor made will stay in place. Your body will settle into its new, proper alignment and heal faster.

The benefits, then, of chiropractic massage are plentiful. If you feel that you could benefit from chiropractic massage in addition to your usual treatment and adjustments, be sure to check with your chiropractor or other chiropractors in your area to see if any offer massage therapy.

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