How to Paint a Brick House Exterior

Tips to paint a brick house exterior

Like us, our houses need a makeover too. Over time, colors fade and a house starts looking old and dull. The external walls are exposed to sunlight and weather changes, which is why they get a faded look and need repainting. This...

Exterior House Color Schemes for House Paint

Exterior house color schemes

Studies show that enhancing aesthetics is the most popular reason for painting house exteriors. It comes as no surprise then, that the color schemes for exterior house paint, are such an important decision. Carefully chosen color...

Exterior House Colors

Home exterior color options with house

Are you confused by the sheer variety of exterior house paint colors that are available in the market? Through this article we will discuss how to choose exterior paint colors for your home.

Exterior Paint Reviews

Choosing an exterior paint for your house is certainly not an easy task. Choosing the perfect color is already a time-consuming task, on top of that, you need to choose the right brand of color as well.

Exterior Paint Combinations

Just like a good paint can give the interior of a house the perfect look, it's important to choose the right combination to beautify the exterior too. In this Buzzle article, we have explained a few exterior paint ideas with...

Best Exterior House Color Combinations

Choosing an exterior house paint is a lot more challenging than choosing an interior paint color. While selecting an exterior paint color for your home, you need to make sure that the color combination enhances the look and...

Exterior Paint Schemes

The overall impression of your house largely depends upon its exterior paint. Therefore, you just cannot afford to take a wrong decision in this regard. Here, you will get a brief overview on the color combinations. Read on...

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Exterior paint is a very important and integral part of the house, and adds to its beauty. However, to beautify the house externally, one has to select the appropriate exterior paint color combinations.

Exterior House Color Schemes

With introduction of numerous color schemes, it can be really confusing to decide which color to opt for the exteriors. Moreover, you just cannot select anything randomly as painting the exteriors involves considerable expenses....

An Overview of Aluminum Paint

Aluminum paint is a very tough, durable, and resistant paint. Let us look at the pros and cons of this paint and how to use it.

Acrylic Latex Paint

Make room for acrylic latex paint, because it's going to solve all your paint problems in a jiffy. Let's take a look at why this kind of paint is gaining worldwide popularity.

How to Choose the Right Paint for Your House

If you are planning to color your house then read this article. It provides you with reviews so that it will be easier for you to choose the right paint, be it interior or exterior.

Exterior House Color Trends

If you are planning to get the exterior of your house painted and want to know about some cool house color trends, then read the article below.

Shutter Colors

If you are looking for shutter colors to match the exterior of your house, then the tips and ideas given in this article on the different shades available would be helpful to you.

Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Selecting a perfect color combination would give a soothing effect to your house. The article helps with some exterior paint color schemes which are popular nowadays.

Textured Paint

Apart from hiding the imperfections of the wall, a textured paint adds an artistic touch to your interiors. This article provides some information about the same.

Home Exterior Painting

Painting the exterior of your home can be done on your own, provided you have proper knowledge of the paints used and a good amount of preparation beforehand. Given in this Buzzle article are the steps involved in beautifying the...

Exterior Paint Color Ideas

Choosing the best exterior color for your dwelling is a tough task if you are not an expert on paint color ideas. Here is some help.

Choosing Exterior House Paint

It is very important to choose the right exterior paint scheme for your home. It should look new as ever, and not peel and turn flaky over a period of time. Here are a few tips on choosing the right exterior paint, and different...